This week is a 4♠ week, a very blessed card that can produce some very extraordinary results if you are willing to work hard for it. This is a “go hard or don’t go at all week” so be careful not to miss the opportunity. The key to this energy is being very grateful for the blessings that you receive, and giving back in kind. This is a week for forming blessed relationships and partnerships.


This week will bring you the ambition and drive to pursue a new plan or goal. Don’t give up or become overly emotional about having to overcome obstacles. The energy of this week guarantees that you will be successful in achieving anything that you work hard for.


Manifesting energy surrounds you this week, you get to be that magnet for abundance. Careful not to over do it spending money on everyone you love though, disappointments can arise as a result of your attitude towards money.  This would be a good time to funnel money into that project or idea you always wanted to do.


It’s time for you to do some networking Gemini, and build relationships that will sponsor your dreams. You might feel like all of your ideas are descending on you at once and it might get a little overwhelming. Write it out, prioritize, don’t let the pursuit of success stress you out – you got this!


Don’t get stuck in the mud this week Cancer, worrying about bills and such – instead you need to start thinking about clearing the path towards an early retirement. Have you been too doubtful to catch some of these golden opportunities? Approach this week with optimism, faith, and gratitude despite the fact that things don’t seem to be moving along at the speed you want them to. Perhaps life is trying to get you to look in a different direction. The direction that will bring the most happiness and fulfillment to your world.


Although your feelings about relationships may go up and down and all over the place this week, you will absolutely receive some great inspiration about how to bring more money into your life. Spend some time and energy exploring those impulses that are driving you towards new money making ventures, it is the only path to the freedom you crave.


You are definitely going to get the urge to run away from your responsibilities but this is a week that will be highly rewarding for those seeking to do right by others. Hard work will get you out of those crunches and set you up to have some enjoyable “me time” at the end of the week.


This is cash out week for you Libra, but scared money don’t make money. You are going to have to step way out of your comfort zone to maximize the potential blessings headed in your direction. Lady luck is scouting for new talent and she needs to partner with someone like yourself. The spotlight is on you, so don’t let any insecurities and fears keep you from maximizing the moment.


You are almost there Scorpio, you might sense the feeling its so close you can taste it! Alas, obstacles seem to get in the way and are seriously testing your faith. The saying “the best things in life are worth fighting for” needs to be your mantra. Focus, focus, focus – and you will be chilling on the beach in no time! How about planning that birthday cruise?


People are going to be loving on you this week, so its a great time to secure some financial investments on your ideas and business plans. Sure its going to take plenty of effort on your part, but never fear you got this! You might get approached by a woman in regards to business, be open – hear her out, you are looking at a profitable opportunity.


A new creative partnership or opportunity is in the works for you this week, something that will require your brilliance. This opportunity will really open the way for you to shine – if you are willing to commit to it. It may seem like hard work, and you may feel like you shouldn’t have to work so hard to manifest your dream. In this special case, remaining open and free of judgement, you just might be dealing with a relationship that was destined to happen. Destiny is calling Capricorn.


Multiple projects and opportunities may seem to fly out of nowhere this week, some requiring last minute travel. Be open to the blessed opportunities for expansion, because not only do they promise a boon to your lifestyle but you just might get the opportunity to enjoy yourself as well.



Some money might come in allowing you to take a moment off to recharge your batteries, a weekend trip might be in the works for you. Dont spoil it by being too unavailable and unreachable, now is not the time to run away from key people in your life (especially those of value). Ride the wave of faith this week and see what goodness it brings you to.

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