This week is a 6♠ week, and this week can signal a turning point – towards wanting to be more spiritually accountable in your life. It is within this week that you can discover that the divine force that moves through us all is more than willing to be our ally when we choose to do good work for others and especially ourselves. This week will have a “slowing down” effect, things will calm just enough to get you to focus on bringing your life up to par excellence – especially in regards to your health. Take great care in not making commitments or getting involved with people or plans that do not serve your highest good, because plans and commitments made this week are pretty much set in stone. Remember that anything done this week will indeed re-visit you at a later time, this week signals events that karmically bind you – and you cannot escape the consequences – good or bad. Anything denied you at this time, either is not for you or will take more effort for you to prove your commitment, this is not a flight or fancy week.



This is a money week for you, and its quite possible that some very purposeful opportunity to achieve much of what you want out of life comes your way. Be on the lookout for it, and step all the way into it when it shows its presence.



Lots of doors are waiting to open up for you especially if you are ready to release any doubts or fears that are resident in your mind. Things may not happen the way you anticipate but if you just allow spirit to do its job, what does happen can be greater than you ever wished. Practice positive mantras and prayers for greater success this week and you won’t regret it. Be mindful of participating in any negativity or gossip. Side note – you might find yourself suffering from a bit of insomnia incorporate some meditation before bed.



Lots of work in store for you this week Gemini, and possibly quite a bit of romance too! This is a good week for you to spend some time alone when you can and take in some downloads from the collective consciousness because this is a good time to refine your mental power. You may be called on to be a leader this week and you certainly are fit for the job. Don’t underestimate your abilities you totally got this! On a side note, watch your eating habits – you might have a very bad sweet tooth that could come back to haunt you.  Refrain from drugs and alcohol the consequences are severe this week as well.



A change of business may be looming on the horizon, and you certainly are going to take your time to weigh the consequences. You might be a bit indecisive over it because perhaps its an opportunity that involves a loved one or friend. You certainly have the right to say no but keep in mind how it might change your life for the better. Also you will be very focused this week about making lifestyle changes and trust your inner voice about that – because its 100% on point and you know this.



New opportunities and a new plan, that needs to be greeted with a fresh outlook. Be willing to take risks and don’t dwell on the outcomes – see where life is leading you. Instead of worrying about money use your creativity, strategize – you have the wizard of finances on your side this week.



You will likely be very confused about your love life or who is really in your corner this week. This is the time for you to slow down and take an accurate account about home base and family. You are not going to get the love you desire until you can be real with yourself about where the love truly is and who has it for you. This is a great week for you organize your life and prioritize your needs vs the needs of others. You can come out of this week better equipped to handle whatever life has in store for you.



This can be a week that garner’s some great news for you and is fueled by how positive you are feeling about life in general. Sometimes things don’t manifest as we visualize but instead in much more spiritually fulfilling ways. This could however be a good money week for you so if you’ve been looking for some money to come in from some source you can expect it to come on through this week. Speak life into your words Libra.



Scorpios will find themselves extra ambitious this week, leading to new opportunities in both love and money. Be mindful of being extra emotionally sensitive because your ego might suffer some bruising because of it. Otherwise, some great doors are destined to open for you ushering in a period of good fortune in both love and money. I know you are probably thinking – “Its about damn time”. LOL. Be mindful however of overworking yourself this week it can be stressful on your health.



Try not to be too judgemental on yourself, turn that judgement into creative action. Don’t dwell on your inadequacies, ascend and see the cup half full rather than half empty. A positive attitude and the spirit of adventure can open up the doorway and connect you with some serious movers and shakers in life. Jump on any opportunity to network and join forces with some brilliant people this week.



Ahh Capricorn, so much love – so little time – but you just might have to tap into your intuition and decide who is best for you? Who is really in your corner? You are going to have to figure this one out because the time has come for you to let somebody or “somebodies” go.  Your health night suffer because of it, so if you having a hard time letting go – this might be a great time for a detox.



The influx of new opportunities might overwhelm you and having you thinking “great more WORK”, but a new plan and a new way of viewing things is in order for you. This week can not only be profitable but a teachable moment for you that sparks you into taking a deeper delve into new information (in particular new technology).



This is a strong Law of Attraction week for you, while you might be very busy with organizing and making sacrifices for the family – take some quiet time to manifest YOUR dream and goals. You may need to pull back from the dramas of others and focus on your goals because this is a key week to open up some doors for yourself. Don’t miss out.

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