This week is a 5♠ week, if you are ok with letting bygone’s be bygones then something bringing much greater fulfillment could be headed your way. However if you just can’t let up on the feeling of being wronged then you will find yourself unable to have any peace of mind. This week brings issues with coworkers on the job, in a way that may provoke you into some kind of action. This is a good influence for single people to meet someone and go on a date, just be sure to check anyone out thoroughly, and beware of stalkers. Be mindful of depression and suicidal thoughts, check on your folks!

The good news is the winds of change blow in this week, be open to a new adventure.



Guard your health this week Aries, a good immunity regimen maybe in order or you might be calling out from work. However this is a great week to seek out some coaching or advice on future plans.



Things may not be going as planned or hoped for, especially in the love department. Maybe you need to open up a big more and see where the universe is taking you, because ultimately a new direction will lead you to the fulfillment you seek. Also be on the lookout for some good news and doors opening especially on the work front.


It’s time for you to do some networking Gemini, and build relationships that will sponsor your dreams. You might feel like all of your ideas are descending on you at once and it might get a little overwhelming. Write it out, prioritize, don’t let the pursuit of success stress you out – you got this! Think about that new car you’ve been wanting. Whatever you do, don’t let disappointment or depression push you to the edge.



This week you will have to examine your own feelings of self-worth to root out your fears of getting that quality love. This would be a great week to talk to someone who can help you get out any emotional baggage that might be affecting your quality of life. This is also a great week for you to write out your love goals.


A burst of creative energy can really spur some adventurous movements in your life this week, so go with it. Its bound to be profitable and at the least you will get to be in front of some really interesting people. This is a money week for you Leo, go hard.



You might get hit with the inner urge to make peace and sacrifice some of your plans for someone you deeply care about. Sacrifices will definitely be rewarding and when you least expect it the good deeds will come back to you tenfold. Dreaming of a reunion? Anything is possible.



Family issues or depression may have you stressed out this week and unable to get a good night’s sleep, so maybe its time for some self care. You will be amazed and how much better you will feel by just letting it all out and talking to someone. This is also a great week to complete a project.



A tremendously satisfying partnership may kick off for you, especially if you are able to put the past behind you and learn from your mistakes. Remember, Scorpios always get opportunities for a fresh start – because no one can handle transformation better than you can.



A new investment opportunity may kick off you restoring optimism in the future. Take advantage of it, it is a gift from the universe. It might spur you to do some window shopping.



Fears about love may wind up getting you in more trouble than its worth this week. You might find yourself being the one that people unload their anxieties off on – and that’s not your ideal relationship is it? This is a good week to sort and pray about what you want your love life to look like, you might be surprised how quickly you are able to manifest it.



This can be a very passionate week for you, and if you channel that passion towards some networking or social events you will expand your options considerably. You are guaranteed to come out of this week with at least one satisfactory agreement or arrangement. Let the adventure commence!



You will find alot of peace and tranquility at home this week, especially amongst your loved one’s and family . You will also be in the mood to do good things for your loved ones. Try not to let you drive for money disturb your peace, your abundance is coming in due time.

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