2 of Hearts

2 Of Hearts

On a base level this energy represents a soulful union, a soulmate, or a deep love that is reciprocated. This is also an energy that is very intelligent and financially fortunate. It is one of the most fortunate cards in the deck as well as one of the most rare, as a birthdate it only occurs on one day – Dec 29. This energy can easily bring someone to millionaire status – if not billionaire. This is a great energy for solid business deals that bring long lasting wealth. As well as partners (particularly women) who are very creative and have a strong business savvyness.  There are pitfalls and addictions in this energy, so one should avoid alcohol and drugs – particularly prescription drugs. This is also an energy that could build lots of famous or important contacts and connections.

As a person

This energy could represent a person that has well-known, respected, or celebrity associations/relationships/partnerships. This person can have an easy ticket to success as long as they do not give into their whims. There is bound to be some emotional immaturity at times but likely there is someone around to keep them in check. Big business or entertainment is the way to go for this person, and they would always have access to the best mentors and coaches. People would naturally see their potential and feel comfortable putting their bets on this person. This person would likely be “mommy’s favorite or mommy’s princess”, the parents of this person would have high expectations or ideals for this person as a child. This person would have superb musical talent (if cultivated) and could excel in the arts. This person would be very intelligent and later on in life would grow to have great common sense.

2 of Hearts Birthdays

December 29 (Capricorn)

Associated Karma

  • Great wealth potential
  • Performing
  • Bullying
  • Preoccupation with finances
  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Long-term roommates
  • Business partnerships or business meetings (especially with women)
  • Stress concerning debts
  • Strong sexual appetite
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Very competitive
  • Strong desire for retirement
  • Fear of being alone (especially in old age)
  • High ideals and expectations for marriage
  • A strong desire to learn about things abroad
  • Attachment to family
  • A financially comfortable home life
  • Marrying into money
  • Harmony at work
  • Harmonious relationships with men