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The 3 of hearts is a very sociable and youthful energy, this is great energy for experimentation and having fun. The courage to try anything is present in this energy, it can bring out the youthfulness in anyone. Emotional uncertainty is also the hallmark of this energy (so many choices – so little time) as well as a tendency to feel as though things may be better on the other side of the fence (when often they are not). Allowing yourself to be swayed from solid decisions on this day is very inadvisable.  This energy is also very fertile – and can often represent twins and the birth of multiple babies.

As a person

This person is very creative, intuitive, and full of great conversation – especially about philosophical views. They can be well-read and knowledgeable  – and make great hosts for events. The have the ability to be very diverse and accommodating to different types of personalities and people. They are hard workers and deeply sensitive about their work. Although they might face some opposition about their bold and creative ideas – their lesson is to value themselves and see their work through to completion. They should guard against their changeability and impatience and instead focus on co-creating with strong ancestral energy and guidance that they have. These people are here to make a positive mark on the world and everyone they touch.

3 of Hearts Birthdays

November 30 (Sagittarius)
December 28 (Capricorn)[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/2″][text_output]Associated Karma[/text_output][icon_list id=”” class=”” style=””][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Fun and youthful activities[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Curiosity[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Disruption of industries or workplace[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Birth of children (particularly multiples)[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Uncertainty in relationships[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Bisexuality[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Infidelity[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Open relationships/ Open marriages[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]An entertainment or spiritual guru (beloved)[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Pettiness or childish emotions[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Indecisive about where to live or living in multiple places/homes[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]agelessness[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Starting a new belief system[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Wanderlust or explorer[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item id=”” class=”” style=””]Passionate promoter of one’s beliefs[/icon_list_item][/icon_list][/vc_column][/vc_row]