4 Of Hearts

On a base level this energy represents one’s roots or family – traditional nuclear and extended family structures. This is a very supportive and comforting energy – especially for society. There are many traditional substructures – like friends, mentors, religious/political leaders, judges, counselors, and even royal figures. Mother figures are exalted here and hold power. This is about establishing a fair and equitable society.

As a person

These people can have powerful messages and can transform into powerful speakers. This person can be the church “prophetess” or the Oracle of any group. Their message will often seem inspired by God or whatever heavenly host they believe in ( they will indeed have very strong beliefs). This person may give birth to twins or come from a family of twins. Motherhood (for women) may come unexpectedly and as a shock to others. Among spiritual circles this person will possess a regal or stately air. Many doors will open for this person through their spiritual and/or secret connections. This person can be very financially creative if they dig deep or as a result of some divine inspiration. This person is not really concerned with the fanfare of who hears their messages, they can be quite satisfied with simply getting them out to the world. This person is capable of quickly manifesting their basic needs ( food, clothing, shelter ) and more when they raise their expectations. These people can make good touch healers and massage therapists. In any occupation their should strive to becoming masters in their field.

4 of Hearts Birthdays

October 31 (Scorpio) November 29 (Sagittarius) December 27 (Capricorn)

Associated Karma

  • Motherhood (large family – 3 or more children)
  • A love for politics
  • A love for teaching
  • A love for communicating
  • Seeking justice or fairness
  • Healing men (especially groups of men)
  • Being a philosophical or religious messenger to a congregation, school, or the world
  • Assassination
  • Love of God or Jesus, or strong religious figure
  • Receiving life changing loans or funding for business or ideas
  • Receiving state funds for home or living
  • Mothers Receiving support for purchasing or acquiring Real Estate
  • Friends with wealthy women
  • Working with the disabled
  • Food related disabilities ( like diabetes)
  • Performing
  • An outbreak of a disease
  • Exaltation of one’s ancestors
  • Stuck in a job/career
  • Inventive or technical women
  • Seeking psychics or psychic information