What is my Card?

What is Cardology?

In Cardology the playing cards function as a map of the Law of Attraction or Astromagnetism. It defines the magnetic profile of anything or person that is born on any calendar day. It also explains why people or things are drawn to one another at specific times in their life cycle. Like Astrology, Cardology also uses planetary energy as an influence – and uses detailed progressions that make it possible to predict events with 99% accuracy.

Begin to decode your Life’s Journey by discovering your Birth Card and Life Spread. Everyone has an energy that they were born into, and your Life Spread contains all you need to know about that energy.

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The Grand Solar Spreads

The Grand Solar Spreads is a tool utilized to conduct Cardology Readings - yearly, 7 week, and weekly. This tool is free for anyone to use. Download the free ebook to learn more.

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Talk to Aquarius Live

Join my passes.com community to ask me questions, watch my special live predictions, and weekly forecasts. I have my popular monthly mini readings available here as well.

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Join here for exclusive articles, lessons, ebooks, and general Cardology Guidance. Patreon members can access software on my website to generate cards, spreads, and astrological natal charts. 

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Your personal Cardologer, Astrologer and mentor


Receive weekly 30-minute Cardology sessions, along with email and text support for ongoing guidance. Access recorded demonstrations to reinforce learning and gain actionable insights to navigate life's challenges and opportunities.


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Small Business

Boost your business revenue by 3x to 10x and enhance brand visibility with monthly comprehensive Cardology sessions. Receive personalized strategies, ongoing support, and recorded demonstrations to implement effective growth and branding tactics.

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Celebrity & VIPs

Enjoy priority service with in-depth forecasts, weekly sessions, goal setting, and analysis of key individuals in your circle. Benefit from exclusive insights, advanced techniques, and recorded demonstrations tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.


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Find Your Life Spread

Today's Hand

Each card represents the energies (karmas) that affect us for today

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