Ace Of Hearts

Often this means birth of a new love, baby, or relationship when it appears in a spread.  The karma card for the Ace of Hearts is the Ace of Diamonds so an ambition for money is also a feature of this energy. This card could also mean a new job or new way of making money that one is very passionate about or ambitious for.

As a person

Painful breakups can occur for Ace of Hearts people so they should strive for relationships that allow them the freedom to work or pursue their passions. They can make a good living in creative fields or even as a writer, and they take their creativity very seriously. Divorce or grief may come as a bolt out of the blue, and they tend to be very transparent about their feelings with their friends or peers. They make good counselors to their friends and are willing to lend a ear when a friend needs to unload but likely to feel very unfulfilled in the same manner. Some deep inner transformations are neccesary for them to overcome emotional trouble and they benefit immensely by having a wise woman as a mentor.  They should avoid drugs or alcohol (accidents can result from the usage of such).

Ace of Hearts Birthdays

December 30 (Capricorn)

Associated Karma

  • Lots of moneymaking ideas or schemes Musical or artistic abilities
  • Likely to write at least one book
  • Very youthful with a magnetic smile
  • Can overspend or have the tendency towards living beyond one’s means
  • Attracted to people with money
  • The men can face being forcefully separated from their family
  • Prone to affairs
  • Natural leadership abilities even as a youth
  • Agelessness