The United States Birthday Forecast – for All SIGNS

Happy 4th of July and Jack of Diamonds Day! The birthday of the country that you live in is extremely significant to its inhabitants and knowing its Cardology forecast is the best way to craft a plan on how to take advantage of the energy – especially by sign. What is the magnetic energy for […]

11/6 Weekly Horoscope

This week is a 6♠ week, and this week can signal a turning point – towards wanting to be more spiritually accountable in your life. It is within this week that you can discover that the divine force that moves through us all is more than willing to be our ally when we choose to […]

10/30 Weekly Horoscope

This week is a 5♠ week, if you are ok with letting bygone’s be bygones then something bringing much greater fulfillment could be headed your way. However if you just can’t let up on the feeling of being wronged then you will find yourself unable to have any peace of mind. This week brings issues […]

10/23 Weekly Horoscope

This week is a 4♠ week, a very blessed card that can produce some very extraordinary results if you are willing to work hard for it. This is a “go hard or don’t go at all week” so be careful not to miss the opportunity. The key to this energy is being very grateful for […]

The USA Enters It’s Mars Period with a 9♠ – Critical Healing

Last year the USA had a 9♠ in Jupiter, which lent to the deaths of many larger than life (Jupitarian) figures particularly many “father” and “father-figure” (Jupiter) type personalities. This year the 9♠ takes on a much more sinister position in my opinion, under the influence of Mars. So now we are speaking of deaths involving or […]

Jupiter In Scorpio Cardology Forecast

KooJupiter transits into Scorpio on a Q♣/5♣ day and is intensified in America by the Great American Solar eclipse that took place on a 5♣ day. So along with the benefits of Jupiter we can expect more dangerous patterns both from nature and as a result of our own psyche to amp up and consequences […]

The Great American Eclipse: Release From An Imprisoned Mentality

The “Great American Eclipse”, falls on August 21, 2017 – a 5♣ day.  The 5♣ is called “the restless seeker”, it is a restless and ever-changing mind that craves new experiences, information, and loves. This energy brings forth much unanticipated changes and transformations, and to some it can mean fear but others it can mean […]

A Card For Everywhere

Yep folks, there is a card that represents every single thing and place. Chances are if you pay attention to the things you like or dislike you can figure it out quite easily (once you learn the cards of course). For instance, my family has been trying to get me to move into the city (Atlanta) […]

Can the cards connect with the deceased?

One of the surprising things the cards have done for me, is given me a way to interpret messages from my deceased loved ones. In the physical, these messages may come through other people or from deep within – but they come. Your ancestors have not ceased to be, they are a part of you. […]

Keeping A Cool Head

About a week ago, I began to sense the presence of the King Of Spades. There was a subtle feeling of dread in my heart that something serious was approaching – something so serious there was going to be dire consequences connected with it. My weekly result (using Robert Camp’s software) was the King of Spades […]