The USA’s Saturn Period – Queen of Spades

The USA has been in Saturn since the end of January – and has nearly an entire month to go. Having a Queen of Spades in Saturn stifles forward movement on anything – but centers the focus on self correction. This is a preparation period for huge action to take place beginning early spring. There […]

Login issues

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9 of Diamonds Day

Yep it’s a 9 of diamonds day so you will probably have to spend money – so try not to get broken up about it. The karma card to the 9 of diamonds is the 5 of diamonds – so money flows in and out – and back in again. Money likes to flow, the […]

The Secrets of The 10 of Diamonds

In all actually – under the influence of the 10 of diamonds the 7 of clubs stands to benefit the most. So if you happen to have a 7 of clubs in your yearly spread this is a real opportunity for wish fulfillment or fame and fortune. The 7 of clubs has the power to […]

Happy 10 ◆ Day

The best way to make miracles today is to be creative and have faith that your creativity is going to bring results. Today is a great day for creating something or marketing something you’ve already created. Dust those dreams off of the shelf and breathe some life into them. Life will always surprise you by […]

The United States Birthday Forecast – for All SIGNS

Happy 4th of July and Jack of Diamonds Day! The birthday of the country that you live in is extremely significant to its inhabitants and knowing its Cardology forecast is the best way to craft a plan on how to take advantage of the energy – especially by sign. What is the magnetic energy for […]

11/6 Weekly Horoscope

This week is a 6♠ week, and this week can signal a turning point – towards wanting to be more spiritually accountable in your life. It is within this week that you can discover that the divine force that moves through us all is more than willing to be our ally when we choose to […]