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Can the cards connect with the deceased?

l-1-flowers-on-graveOne of the surprising things the cards have done for me, is given me a way to interpret messages from my deceased loved ones. In the physical, these messages may come through other people or from deep within – but they come. Your ancestors have not ceased to be, they are a part of you. They live within parts of your personality and spirit. Sometimes it so subtle, it is only noticeable via other people. I recognized this kind of “dual” living pattern when observing my son. My son never met his father, his father died when he was an infant. Yet my son mirrors his father is so many remarkable ways (more than just his appearance), his speech patterns, mannerisms, laugh etc. My son’s father was a 6 of diamonds, and my son has a 6 of diamonds in Saturn for life. Saturn points to the ancestors, the lineage, dna, the hard coded crystallization of spirit to matter. My son personified as his father, giving his father a vehicle of expression – so quite often I feel as though I am raising my deceased ex.
Lately I have been receiving messages in regards to my late grandmother, yesterday so many synchronicities occurred I am confident this was the case. I looked at my grandmothers cards, her cards for today are the Queen of clubs/ Jack of hearts, 4 of clubs (me) / Ace of clubs in Venus. Using her motherly spirit power (intuition, connection to source) to help someone she loves dearly – (her daughter is a jack of hearts) – and receiving communication from someone she loves dearly (I am a 4 of clubs). This might sound foreign to many, but its a way of connecting – that I have found very consoling.
The spirit world has endless channels into the physical world, the cards are not the end all be all but it is yet another useful tool in exploring the connection between what is tangible and what is not.

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