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Use form to calculate the card of any name. If using a proper name, be sure to capitalize the first letter. You can also calculate the first name to calculate the more informal version of name (likely called on or though of by family, friends, and colleagues). You can also discover the card of nicknames and pet names as well. Use the chart below to discover the basic meanings of these cards.

Card Meanings

The one desires love (and money)
The soulmate
The fickle one, The lover of options
The seeker of marriage & family
The free loving one, The lover of freedom, changeability in love
The peacemaker, The seeker of greatness
Unconditional love, higher love, love lessons
The playboy/playgirl, The socialite
The counselor or therapist
The networker, The socially successful
The super hero, The sacrificial one
The mother of love, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Social grace
The father, The performer, The family protector
The desire for knowledge, the curious one
The conversational one, the fearful one
The Writer, the creative one, the worrier, the skeptic
The intelligent one,  common sense, the decoder, the obsessive, the debater, mental satisfaction
The restless one, the adventurer, mental changeability
The Messenger, the high priestess, the nostalgic one
The inspirational one, the scandalous one
The mentally fixed one, the mentally powerful one
The giver of knowledge
The teacher, The successful orator, The politician
The wizard of the word, the dishonest one
The intuitive one, The mother of service
The master teacher, The angry one
The Lucky One, the Self-centered One, The Wizard or Warlock
The Supporter, the Life Coach, the Guide
The creative one, the financial wizard
The solid one, the tough one, the financially stable one
The seller, the promoter, the investor , the philanthropist
The financially responsible one
The millionaire
The financially powerful one, the supervisor
The philanthropist
The blessed one, the gifted one, the greedy one
The financially clever one, The salesman
The luxurious one
The master of values, the business person
The mysterious one, the ambitious one
The life coach, the friend, the health coach
The artist, The overloaded, The psychic
The hardworking one, the Kept one, The stables one
The traveling one, The Wanderer
The responsible one
The faithful one
The enduring one
The giving one
The workaholic, the successful one
The spiritual initiate, The creative one, The thief or criminal, The actor
The boss, The witch, The priest or priestess
God, The perfectionist