jackclubsJack of Clubs days are excellent days for communication related goals, like public speaking, teaching, anything which requires you to be able to express any brilliant ideas or messages you have in your mind. If you want to have a frank discussion with someone (or a group of people), and you want to be able to comfortably express yourself, the perfect day to do it is on a Jack of Clubs day.

This particular day is Mercury ruled, so you might find yourself having to spend money on your vehicle, or some transportation related expense. You may actually find yourself putting out money for quite a few expenses especially family and children related. Be mindful of overspending on luxury items on this day, because you are likely regret it at a later time. You might wake up and begin the day with anxiety about finances, but this can be alleviated by incorporating morning meditations and mantras. This is an excellent day for yoga.

Travel plans can be very sketchy and more expensive than you thought, so if you were planning a trip somewhere on this day be sure to have money put aside for any surprises.

Your mind can be absolutely at its peak on this day is regards to business so this is a great day for stepping up into a leadership role, and executing business plans.  Any new ideas and plans will take discipline, commitment, and hard work to to be fruitful – but they are well worth the effort. Today is an excellent for creative writing, like music, poetry, books, lyrics, and movie scripts. You are at your best once you are able to overcome your inner fears about not measuring up to the success that you desire.

Keep your emotions balanced, because any outburst can lead to some kind of retaliation. Striving for harmony and cooperation on this day while also being outgoing and social – is sure to reward you with some degree of social success. This is a day to be active and involved, if you allow your fears to keep you immobile you could miss out on a grand opportunity.

Avoid the temptation to overdo things like alcohol, drugs, and bad foods. Today is not a good “cheat day” for diets, because of the tendency to overdo things without thought of the consequences.

This day should ultimately end leaving you feeling satisfied and secure, so try not to allow the challenges that happen in the early part of the day impact you negatively. By remaining positive and gracious you will increase the prosperous energy that is hidden within this day.


Fights and physical altercations are possible on a Jack of clubs day, its best to temper your aggression especially with volatile people. While its a good day to be social, be mindful of the people you hang around – something is bound to startup when among negative people (and in negative environments).

Watch your driving, impatience can lead to accidents and mishaps, especially when engaging in negativity (thoughts, communication, phone calls).

Be mindful of your devices, you might drop or misplace your smartphone. If you can’t find your smartphone or car keys, its likely you misplaced it. A prayer and commitment to bringing more positivity into your life should manifest its return, trust that it will be so.


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