October 20th is a 2♣ day, known as the card of communication and the sharing of ideas. Often when this energy pops up, you will be pushed towards facing your deepest fears or shadow self. You may have to tread where you dare not tread to discover your life’s purpose. Great leaps can be made within your life by embracing the karma of this card. This card can lead you to your own inner divinity and connection with source.

Be leery of being argumentive and “know-it-all” today, because in silence you may truly discover the answer to many of your deepest questions.

Daily Karma 

Light Karma

Teaming with a Life Coach to work out some inner issues
Traveling to meet a friend
Entering into a new program of study, or changing your major at college
Working on being more responsible, especially with family
Meeting about a home
Meeting with a real estate attorney about a home
A satisfactory business investment
Completing some business-related work
Financial power with a woman, or a loan from a woman (or mother)
Negotiations at home
Family meeting
Marketing yourself on facebook
Coming up with unique ideas to market yourself
Winning money
Making influential friends
Fated events

Shadow Karma

Arguement or fight
An arrest or traffic incident
The death of a father by heart attack
Heart issues or heart attack
Karmic blocks
Negative health habits or addictions
Excessive Marijuana use
The use of the word “bitch” (especially in an argument)
Deep fears
Thoughts of death
A fight over money
Police/Law Enforcement

Famous 2♣ People

May 30, June 28, July 26, August 24, September 22, October 20, November 18, December 16

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