Cardology Coaches are graduates of the Official Cardology Certification Program taught exclusively by Aquarius Maximus. These individuals have obtained the education and experience to carry on the Aquarius Maximus brand & style of practicing Cardology.

Selita Kevii

Selita Kevii is the owner and operator of Proliferated Psycardology. Selita has over a decade of knowledge and understanding in Logistics and improving the workplace and individual output and achievement. Selita has experience mentoring, teaching, and lecturing to small and large groups (professionally and college undergraduate level), working with organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, working with individuals, and helping them achieve goals. She has several awards from the military and has been recognized by her peers, leaders, and colleagues for the work she has put in and the insight she offers. Her efforts have increased productivity from 75% to 97% for organizations; she was selected above seniors to head mentorship programs, which resulted in mentors becoming more effective leaders and mentees going further and accomplishing more in their military and civilian careers. Selita is a medically retired Army Staff Sergeant with a Master’s in Psychology (Industrial Organizational focus) and is currently in a Clinical Psychology (Healthcare Emphasis) Ph.D. Program. She is passionate about understanding individuals and organizations and helping them achieve their goals. She loves using Western and esoteric sciences in her work to help others. Her efforts have helped her and others better understand their unique situations and how to best navigate them for the ideal outcome.

Dwann Brown

Dwann Brown is a certified Cardologer who helps people find greater insight and direction in their lives through card readings with everyday playing cards. Dwann combines his intuitive empathic card reading ability and comedic wit to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to each client. He is well recognized for his accurate and insightful consultations as he connects personally and intimately with energy of each client to deliver highly personalized insight and recommendations. Truly a man of the people, Dwann services everyone from curious first-timers, experienced seekers and even celebrities.
As a multifaceted problem-solver, Dwann is also a certified Relationship Coach, author, keynote speaker, and founder of Breakthrough Advocacy Services specializing in improving interpersonal relationships by strengthening communication. He has combined his gift of intuition with 25 years of experience working with families to help people resolve challenges and overcome struggles to live the fulfilling life they deserve. Dwann also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from California State University at Northridge.


Dr. Heather T. Pearman, DC

Dr. Heather Pearman has been in the healing arts for over 20 years and has an extensive Wholistic tool belt in order to personalize the clients experience, and aid them in healing, expanding, transforming and evolving at the deepest levels. Dr. Pearman is an Emotional
Alchemist, Love Activation, Relationship, Intimacy, and Cosmic Sexuality Coach, Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist, Clinical Nutritionist, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), NMT (Neuromodulation Technique) and Heart Imagery Practitioner. She is also the founder of an emotional, trauma and karma release technique, which aids clients in mastering their emotions through the frequency of Love. What led her to the amazing practice of Cardology was initially a reading, which catapulted her reality on the spot. Dr. Pearman immediately knew this information would aid her clients in innerstanding themselves and their relationships at a deeper level, transcend the reality in which, they currently exist in, and step into Divine Purpose. Cardology, today is a core piece of her practice, and her personal reality as well.

Andrea Clemmer

My Name is Andrea but I go by Goddess Drea. I am a creative, spiritual, entrepreneur who strives to create a community based on elevating the collective consciousness. I am a certified Life Coach, 200hr yoga instructor who specializes in Yoga Nidra + Trauma Informed Yoga, and Reiki I + II Healer. I utilize certain metaphysical tools like Tarot Readings, Astrology, Cardology, and Reiki/ Energy Healing to draw up a blueprint of someone’s life path and help guide them towards their desires.

Shashee Nior

My work is based on Divination, a practice that helps me explore new perspectives and insights. I have been using Metaphysics as a tool for more than a decade to uncover the hidden potentials that exist in our everyday lives. I apply the ancient sciences of Cardology, Numerology and Tarot to find new and exciting possibilities for myself and my clients.