partial-solar-eclipse-cloudsThe “Great American Eclipse”, falls on August 21, 2017 – a 5day

The 5is called “the restless seeker”, it is a restless and ever-changing mind that craves new experiences, information, and loves. This energy brings forth much unanticipated changes and transformations, and to some it can mean fear but others it can mean liberation. This is indeed a good sign, a sign that we are finally on the path that will free us from our mental constructs. The 5♣ has a 9♠ Pluto, so the absolute requirement for us to obtain fulfillment is to be willing to eradicate our psyche of all that no longer serves us. Anything that lingers in your life will fester and cause illness to you spiritually and physically. A dramatic change is due for your lifestyle and way of living, and that will occur whether you like it or not.

Spiritual love, and a commitment to a higher cause is going to free you from all disappointments associated with loss. There is going to be a need for those who have setup structures in order to assist their fellow man in rebuilding their lives after much destruction. Those strong-minded, strong-willed individuals who persist in spite of difficulties and serve the community as leaders will be rewarded with both spiritual and material benefits.

There will be a growing understanding that the answers to all problems in life in fact do exist and are accessible through spiritual knowledge and occult secrets (A♠). Listen to my podcast below.

Listen to “The Great American Eclipse On A 5♣️ Day” on Spreaker.

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