The very basis of Cardology is a calendar with very ancient roots, and the purpose of this calendar is to enlighten one of the karmic circumstances of each day. The ancient Egyptian calendar in question is during modern day times referred to as “the calendar of good and bad days”.  In ancient times it far exceeds the limitations of being described in such a manner, in truth it was an extensive guide to the karmic energies expressed on any given day. 

Imagine that the calendar specified that on the Egyptian equivalent of October 16, that a marriage entered upon on that day would end as a result of infidelity.  The natural question of any scholar would be, what is the influence on that particular day that could cause such a consequence? The Earth travels around the Sun, with the Sun’s rays making variable contact with the planet and it fits within the time-frame of the calendar because it is a Solar calendar, but what else lends to the varying degrees of influence on each day? Modern day research associates the malefic influence (bad days) with the fixed star Algol. Algol shines like an “eye” in the sky and it dims and brightens every 2.5 days because of its binary eclipsing stars as observed from Earth.


An Ancient Egyptian Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days composed some 3,200 years ago is claimed to be the oldest historical document of the discovery of Algol.[10][11][12]

The general idea is that the days Algol shines brighter (uneclipsed) its malefic rays have more of an effect on us than the days it is eclipsed thereby creating the “bad” days. Our “good’ days are the days during which Algol (also known as the “demon star”) is eclipsed. This is simple to understand knowing that Algol is considered “the unluckiest star in sky” by the ancients.

The idea that every day has a specific energy signature, lends clarity to the concept of The Law of Attraction. We tend to think what we are attracting is quite random, but if there is a template for each day then it is my belief that whatever we “attract” will only be along the spectrum of that daily or periodic energy signature. Furthermore, there is a definitive effect of any road chosen within that day (the Law of Cause and Effect). This is also so something that makes a fair amount of prediction very possible knowing the karmic potential or energy signature of each day.

A few ancient calendars have deities assigned to each day as archetypes, and these deities have stories. These stories serve as archetypal “guidance” for the energy of the assigned day. Cardology uses playing cards, to represent these archetypal energies of each day, in a universal fashion. The use of numbers and common symbols makes them the ideal representation of these energies and a useful tool for modern times.