What is Cardology?

In Cardology the playing cards function as a map of the Law of Attraction or Astromagnetism. It defines the magnetic profile of anything or person that is born on any calendar day. It also explains why people or things are drawn to one another at specific times in their life cycle. Like Astrology, Cardology also uses planetary energy as an influence – and uses detailed progressions that make it possible to predict events with 99% accuracy.

Begin to decode your Life’s Journey by discovering your Birth Card and Life Spread. Everyone has an energy that they were born into, and your Life Spread contains all you need to know about that energy.

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If you discovered that life were nothing more than a game, the first thing you would want to know is who are the players, what is the strategy, and of course – what are the rules?

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Each card represents the energies (karma) that affects us for today.