KooJupiter transits into Scorpio on a Q♣/5♣ day and is intensified in America by the Great American Solar eclipse that took place on a 5♣ day. So along with the benefits of Jupiter we can expect more dangerous patterns both from nature and as a result of our own psyche to amp up and consequences can be extremely deadly.

This transit of Jupiter will further give power to women as the harbingers of the deep mysteries especially the mysteries of the divine feminine. Male-female relationships will stress as men will have to shift their psyche to accommodate for the independence, ambition, and pursuit of self-development that will be expressed by women. Jupiter in Scorpio brings forth the lady gurus of the shadow mysteries. Much that we didn’t know about the hidden realms in our world will be revealed. The connection between death and life will be argued on the world stage. The rise of the spiritual medium, one who communicates with the dead will be highlighted as people will be more open and deeply intrigued by this long-feared art. Most importantly the undying curiosity of the Q♣ is going to dig up many skeletons and force us to come to terms with them once and for all. We will ultimately learn that death is an important part of life and without it there would be no life.

Much more negativity and violence (especially as a result of racism) will undoubtedly erupt. Racially motivated killings are going to reach an all-time high in America and fuel the fire for the already brewing race war. Jupiter in Scorpio opposes Taurus (Earth, finances, resources, values) and Scorpio is actually creativity in all of those things. So the transit of Jupiter brings forth the occult manifestations of resources. If you have been doing your manifestation work, then the results of this will be seen – especially in 2018.

Jupiter’s transit will bring positive and malefic shakeups in the psyche and the field of psychology. New discoveries will be explored about the psychic influence of emotions and the true power of the psyche on our environment (especially on water). Our president, Donald Trump – may be the first president ever to have a public meltdown due to mental challenges – and the first president (that we know of) treated for psychological disturbances. Donald Trump’s tweets are going to get more unstable and more erratic as Jupiter will be transiting his 3rd house of communications. He will reveal things that are classified as “top secret” on twitter and it will be blamed on his (deteriorating) aging mental condition. Jupiter in Scorpio is going to also bring with it the sudden destruction of a Mercury-ruled city, it will be reduced to a waste-land and have a high death toll. The benefit (because Jupiter brings a silver-lining to even the most damndest of things) is that people will dig deeper than ever to expose the truth about who actually caused it. The government explanation will not fly, and many people will turn to occult resources for the answers. Thus there will be a rise in the conspiracy media and alternative channels again. Shadow groups like “Anonymous” are going to gain mainstream support and followers. His aggression towards Kim Jong Un is going to increase, but manifest more as “Twitter beef” and threats. His rhetoric is going inflame people internationally, both allies and enemies.

There will be a rise in suicides and suicide attempts, as well as alternative mental health centers to address this need. Depression, mood swings, anxiety, and worry is going to fuel a need for practical solutions especially amongst the poor and those wealthy who suffer losses.

Cryptocurrency is going to see a huge increase especial amongst millennials and with it the release of many new coins. A new workforce fueled by cryptocurrency is going to emerge. Many traditional markets (especially those dealing in communications) are going to implement innovative ways to take full advantage of the crypto-market – such as decentralized banking using smartphones.

Much philanthropy is going to evolve from Scorpio, and many people with heavy Mars/Pluto placements will achieve tremendous wealth. Due to the ‘service oriented and sacrificial nature” of the Q♣ we can expect much on the levels of charity and giving – and the discovery of new ways to deliver this to people in need.

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This transit will bring the death of many issues for you, especially the ones that have been hindering you in your day to day life.  There will be a purge of unconscious forces that have been working against you. You will emerge from this transit with a totally new mental approach to your day to day life. You will ultimately discover that every change you are brave enough to make will be for the better.


Changes in your relationships will be spurred by a passionate desire to learn and explore the depths of the unknown. Your family and close friends may not be used to seeing the side of you that emerges during this transit. Control your passions because they could spark undesired changes with your partners. This will be a great time for friendships and social events – especially for the purpose of business. Travel is going to be a big plus for you, especially traveling for love. This is a year in which a long-distance relationship can work out really well for you.


This is the time when your mental and creative gifts will surely take the spotlight. A huge transformation is in store for you and many changes in your values and philosophy. Prepare to be very busy answering to the call of family and your loved ones, but the opportunity to recharge your batteries through travel will be frequently at your disposal. Make sure you have an outlet to express yourself like writing or speaking or anxiety can run you into the ground. You just might take up a liking for teaching.


Out of all the signs, you will go digging the deepest. Your curiosity will lead you into many many relationships, but guard your heart and make wise choices in companions. Your health may come into focus, so there will be a need to not let the excess of Jupiter get the best of you. If you stick to your guns you could lose that weight you’ve been struggling with, or adopt that new healthy lifestyle you’ve been pushing for. Just be gentle with yourself and avoid extremes.


This could be a great or difficult time for you, depending on your relationship with money. This is destiny time for you, and you will be tested and challenged to see if you are in alignment with that. All things that do not suit your spirit will fall away, but the opportunities for that which is in greatest alignment with you will materialize out of thin air. Life will be either magical or miserable, and the choice is totally up to you.


Changes will either have you overdoing it or over worried. Many ideas and plans will keep you up in the wee hours of the night working to implement them. You will, however, find that you hold the answers that many others will seek and will make a great teacher of life lessons. A transformation will come to you in the form of your total approach to life and your goals. You may suddenly develop the desire to become a writer, especially about subjects concerning the occult mysteries.


You will have to learn how to adjust yourself for changes within your family, people coming in and out. At times your life is going to feel like a revolving door. More importantly, people are going to feel like the wisdom you have is of great value, and you are going to find yourself as counsel for people – whether it’s as their friend, lover, or even life coach. Balance is going to be very much needed and the emotional support you will be able to give is going to be priceless. New opportunities for income is going to arise for you as well as work in the non-profit sector of society.


Insecurity about lack of funds can put stress on your relationships, however, an abundance of new creative energy will be at your disposal. This is your opportunity to manifest now more than ever, and you will be inspired by the influx of many prosperous individuals that will want to invest and share in your ideas.  It’s now or never Scorpio, focus and you will be graciously rewarded.


A total transformation in your health and financial picture is going to be the gift that Jupiter brings to you. You will pursue your work with much ambition and zeal, but a health crisis could force you to pull back and make an adjustment to your lifestyle. The good news is, partnerships will be transformational, and your access to resources will be enhanced by your charm and wit. You will really win amongst your social circles and peer groups. You may receive a huge opportunity or deal if you don’t allow your fears or worries to get the best of you.


You will find yourself with many supporters during this transit. The secret to obtaining the success that you desire is exploring new belief systems and dissecting the old ones. Your foundation to life is going to change, and when it does you are going to achieve a level of life that is going to make you feel very loved and appreciated. By distinguishing which relationships are actually of true value to you, you will bring a wholeness to your life that you never imagined could be so fulfilling.


Jupiter in Scorpio is going to bring about changes within you that are going to affect how you deal with both your family and the public. A sudden shift is going to bring an opening of your heart and a desire to express yourself in ways that you have never done before.  Your pursuit of fairness is going to be strong, but be mindful of obtaining vengeance and going to extremes in “righting” any wrongs you feel others have done. Your desires can lead you to get caught up in legal entanglements that will dilute your strength and leave you spiritually weakened. Instead, focus on burying the past and allowing your future to thrive. There is much success waiting in the wings for you by staying true to your purpose.


Soulmates are going to the opportunity to achieve prosperity, especially through their mate. You will be challenged to release old baggage (the grim reaper will be coming for your baggage!) so that your life can flourish and you can achieve satisfaction in your life. You may undergo a series of personal challenges right before hitting it big, so don’t give up! Personal contentment and fulfillment is on the horizon for you.


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