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Keeping A Cool Head

The King Of SpadesAbout a week ago, I began to sense the presence of the King Of Spades. There was a subtle feeling of dread in my heart that something serious was approaching – something so serious there was going to be dire consequences connected with it. My weekly result (using Robert Camp’s software) was the King of Spades so I was sure to discover what meaningful information he was going to bring to me.

My Ace of Diamond’s son had gotten into some trouble, and lo and behold his yearly5e5c223e201073d594114cf34345b255 Saturn card is the King of Spades. Saturn deals with lessons and fated events, having the King of Spades there means that he was sure to encounter some serious situations that would show him what the effects of not keeping a cool head would be. Saturn is about cause and effect, you are going to visit and revisit something until you get it – or else suffer the consequences.

The King of Spades is an immovable figure in the spread of life. Nothing can move him off his center or knock him out of his space, he handles disputes in a calm fashion. Saturn will show you the consequences of not conducting yourself as such. You are likely to face life or death situations, and you will come face to face with the harshest of penalties.


Suggestions for handling the King of Spades energy:

  • Adoption of firm spiritual disciplines and practices.
  • Spiritual protection for one’s Crown Chakra.
  • Peaceful music
  • Wearing white to attract the aid of benefactors (seen and unseen).
  • Sage
  • Spiritual and cleansing baths.
  • Lavendar Oil



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