Member Weekly Spread

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Card Keywords & Phrases

New Love, New Baby, Hugs, Affectionate, Loving,  New Entrepreneurial Ideas, Selfishness, Worry, Flightiness, Greed, Creative, Artistic, Faithful or Doubtful, Emotional instability
Union, Soulmates, Romantic Couple, Marriage, Fear of being alone, Obsessive need for close relationships, Intelligence, Need for security, A need to know, Curiosity, billionaire
Twins or multiple children, inter-racial relationships, an open relationship, and affair, emotional immaturity, inability to choose where to place one’s affections or trust, childlike joy, gaming. curiosity, bisexuality, exercising one’s options
Family, Roots, Ancestry or Ancestors, Protection in relationships, Home, Hospitality, Accommodating, Friendly, Ruthless, Preachy
Free loving, Fickle, Creative, Charitable, Restless, Faithful, Worrisome, Anxious, Insecure or Unsure, Contrarian, Hypocritical, Homeless, Traveling, Vacation, Runaway, Unorthodox, Non-conforming, Commitment phobia, Bad breakup or divorce, Kidnapping, Hiding
Peaceful, Past-life Relationships, Reunion, Karmic Relationships, Competitiveness, Grandeur, Dishonesty, Initiation, Juggling work, Having rich, successful, or famous associates, Partnership with women or lovers
Business Mogul or Tycoon, Healer, Boundaries, Betrayal, Relationship drama, Control-freak, Unconditional love, Veganism, Strict Diet, Digestion problems, Surgery, Weight-loss
Playboy/Playgirl, Power in love, Socialite, Massage therapist, Touch Healer, Reiki, Psychic, Bullying, Heartbreaker, Success in Work
Counselor/Therapist/Therapy, A Wish, Apology, Heartbreak, Grief, Divorce, Pet
Personal & Social Success, Networking, Party, Wedding, Wealth & Abundance, Successfully overcoming challenges, Hospital, Hotel, Wishes come true, Large Family, real estate
Sacrifice, Hero, Spiritual love, Jesus, Children, Day Care, Loan Shark, Stripper, Suicide, Pastor, Sex addict, Stubborn, Charmer, evangelist
Motherhood, Pregnancy, Royalty, Political, Teacher, Socialite, Sex, Drugs, Addiction, Laziness, Weight Gain, Sugar cravings
Fatherhood, Performer, Actor, Head of a large family, Patriarch, Passionate about family, Successful, Well-loved, Temper-mental, millionaire
New Goal, New Project, Curiosity, Questions,  Chatter or communication, Website, Mobile app, New high tech item, Computer virus, Relationship
Communication, Argument, Fears, Friendship, Debate, Exchange of knowledge, Fight
The Writer, Creativity, Worry, Anxiety, Indecision, Magnetic, Entertaining, Artistic ability, Musical ability, Negativity, Skepticism
Common Sense, Mental Peace, Intelligence, Obsessive, Stubborn, Debater, Fixed Ideas, Decoder
Adventurer, Wanderlust, Conversational, Passionate, Debater, Spontaneous, Secretive, Impatient, Overly Concerned with Finances, Creative with money, Independent, Emotionally Sensitive, Intelligent, Explosive
Compromising, Mediator, Nostalgic, The Messenger, Intuitive, Inventive, Creative, Well-connected, Successful, Sensitive, Popular, Dutiful, Easy-going, Slow Starters
Genius, Creative, Scandal, Hard-working, Prayer, Faith, Positive mantras, Humanitarian, Wise, Popular, Self-hexing, Negativity, Curses, Slander, Pessimism & Doubt
Fixed thinking, Mental fixations, Success, Creativity, Quick learning, Brilliance, Talented, Magnetism, Musical, Photogenic, Stuck, Slow decisions
Graduation, Intelligent, Mentally Inspiring, Passionate about family, Guru, Family Court, Family Drama, Procrastination, Laziness, Depression
Teaching or teacher, conferences, politics or elections, doors opening to progress, success in communications, success with groups, recording studios
Speaking your truth with authority (and becoming an authority in it), Nimble mind and tongue, hip hop and spoken word, rising above poverty and becoming a philanthropist, creative thought, dishonesty
Service to children or mother to world, singer, emotionally sensitive, impatient, secretive, intuitive, creative, busy, organizational, restless, receptive, hard working
Master teacher, mental downloads, recognition for your knowledge, mentor, anger, law enforcement, sensory pleasures (food,drink,drugs, or sex), father figure, snappy tongue or witty humorous, abusive, in women – a great deal of attractiveness, makeup and beauty products
New job, business, or project. New material passion or possession. Wealth, ambition, greed, impatience, stubbornness, luck, recklessness
Meetings, business partnerships, coaches/coaching, a contract or business agreement, roommate, project manager
Financial creativity, financial worries, multiple businesses or or moneymaking ventures, anxiety, short patience, celebrity, interest in the occult, film, music or entertainment projects.
Financial stability, building a solid foundation, hard work, stubbornness, perfectionism, money from multiple sources, powerful spiritual money
Rollercoaster finances or emotions, a move to a new home or business, change at work or within the home, home renovation, investing in real estate or technology (or both), a futuristic, business travel
Retirement, slow down in work, debt – personal or financial, competition or competitive sports, social work, credit, honesty & integrity, keeping your word
Millionaire, creative, family issues or matters, spiritual money, poverty or wealth consciousness, spending a great deal of money, financial challenges
Power with money, promotion or management position, real estate, ruthless, fickle, perfectionism, success after hard work, obtaining a loan or funding
Philanthropy, wealth, poverty, non-profits & charity, investing, politics, issues with driving or vehicles, issues with family, the african diaspora, spending beyond your means
Windfalls, abundance, emotional extremes, attention, celebrity status, lottery winnings
Salesperson, clever & charming, dishonest with finances, friendly, financially successful, dreamer, ideas that are far ahead of their time
Intuitive value system, serving with your value system, shopping, longterm money, overspending, women investor. creativity, external beauty, yoga, meditation, hairdresser or hairstyle
Businessman or businesswoman, music producer, creative type but business savvy, a controlling lover, sexual person, a wealthy person
Ambition, death/rebirth, secrets, mystery, paranoia, mystery systems, occult, a new job
Friendship, Life coach, Work partnership, Socialite
Being at a crossroads, creativity, stress, overloading with work, luck, gambling, many new projects, fluctuating spiritual values
Grounded, stability, the “kept” woman or man, fortunate, satisfaction, ultimately obtaining what you desire
Driving, changes, earthquakes, traveling, restless, driving over land, adventure, stalking or being stalking
Fate/destiny, the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect, health or work issues, slow down, stuck, bound to someone or something, timing, contract or commitment, marriage
Vision, money,  faith, accidents, ailments, the manifestation of dreams, spiritual work, negativity
Overcoming obstacles by the use of will, success, power, bullying, physical exercise, gym (working out)
Completion of work or project, weight loss, illness, giving (especially to large groups of people)
Success after hard work, workaholic, a major breakthrough or completion, a breakthrough leading to freedom to travel and the pursuit of happiness, extreme sensitivity (touchiness)
Spiritual initiation, the beginning of a new lifestyle, creative person, actor or actress, a thief or dishonest individual, odd jobs, romantic charmer, irresponsible male
“Boss” or management, the witch, priestess, inner work, using spiritual power to influence the material world, the grandmother, realtor or real estate, mean or harsh woman or man
God, dog, perfectionist or perfectionism, mental illness or sensitivity (schizophrenia, dementia), perfection or perfectly done, gun or murder, nature

Placement Descriptions

The first position in the spread is the birth card, or Sun card. This is the card that presides over the day you were born and you are a living representative of that card. Each other card afterward describes some of the closest card energies relevant to your card.
This card represents your state of mind this week as well as your day to day activities and communications.
This card rules how you feel and sense things, and the level of importance it takes on to you. This is also your feminine side, your receptivity to people & things, and the things or people you are attracted to (and attract) this week.
This card describes your relationship with men and men ruled institutions like law enforcement, military, etc. This card also represents your weekly goals and work life.
This card can represent the things or people that bring you joy. This card also represents the father and in the case of women – the husband.
This card can represent your fears, limitations, karma, and hardships & burdens this week.
This card represents some traumas and breakthroughs you might experience this week. This also represents blips into the future. This is also the key to getting out of limiting situations.
This card can deal with your secret desires, wishes, and your spirituality. This card represents the areas this week where you will have a blindspot and need to tune into inner guidance to navigate. This card also represents how you will be viewed through a spiritual or artistic lens (like movies and photos) by other people.
Pluto represents the challenges you will face this week via people and experiences. Your core issues this week and objectives are contained within this card. The secret tool that can assist you in overcoming all obstacles.
The Result/Reward card represents blessings that will be available to you by overcoming the challenges associated with your Pluto card.
The Cosmic Lesson is your Guru or teacher, and it also represents the way you will be perceived by the public (good or bad). There are secrets to using this powerful card to achieve “worldly” success. This week this could represent the peak of your career or exciting opportunities for advancement.
The Cosmic Moon describes your mother, other women, and if you are a woman your experience with motherhood.
This card represents people or events that going to bring major transformations for you. These people/events are in alignment with your destiny this week and will inevitably bring you great fulfillment. High compatibility with people of this card this week.
This week you will be walking the life path of this energy. This week will bring you closer to people who are this card.