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My most popular reading.

Never will you be exposed to a system that can give you such an accurate output on your life events – past, current, and future. This Cardology reading (utilizing the standard 52 playing cards) will take you back in time to explore the challenges and strengths that were instilled in you from birth to present. This reading will assist you tremendously in making a blueprint for success to map out the rest of your days. We will explore your birth spread, and have an in depth examination into the how’s and whys you have arrived where you are today and more importantly – where you are headed in the future.

This is a recorded live reading via zoom that typically lasts around 45 minutes or less.

  • Details about your life’s cards including your superpowers & challenges
  • A current year forecast
  • Future predictions (like marriage, money, romance, health, or success)
  • A look into the current 7 year cycle
  • Question about your business
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