Happy 4th of July and Jack of Diamonds Day!

The birthday of the country that you live in is extremely significant to its inhabitants and knowing its Cardology forecast is the best way to craft a plan on how to take advantage of the energy – especially by sign. What is the magnetic energy for YOUR sign this year? Well have a look.



Virgo ♍ and Gemini ♊ time to get your A-game on this USA birthday year and focus on MONEY. Financial creativity is going to be big with you guys (especially if you are really on your game). If you are focused on any type of negativity its going to show – so be careful not to create any bad relationship karma this year. If you are worried about finances it should be the impetus for you to get more involved in business and investments. Virgo has a great opportunity to settle some debts and Gemini has an awesome opportunity to promote themselves, their business, or the works of others. Get the bag.

Libra ♎ and Taurus ♉ this can be a very successful USA birthday year for you especially if you are using your mind and brainpower to gain success in your field of work or study. You will not have to do much physical work in the public and overall the public should be very supportive of your initiatives. You might want to do some international traveling and scout out some offshore opportunities to maximize your wealth potential. The public will recognize you as a leader and this is a great time to step up into leadership positions in your career.

Aries ♈ and Scorpio ♏ will dominate group activities this year as well as the social scenes. This USA birthday year will be a great time for you to host events, conferences, gatherings, and even parties. You will attract the attention of very important figures in almost anything you do publicly. This will also be a great time to heal relationships with the public and establish yourself as a leader. Legal battles should go in your favor. You will have a strong desire to be out among nature and natural surroundings. Scorpios involved in any communications and mental fields will find increased success in the winter of 2019 as well as success in love. Aries will enjoy overall professional success.

Sagittarius ♐ will be called on for various philanthropic and political endeavors. You will see alot of people with strong Sagittarius placements campaigning and crafting messages surrounding the equitable distribution of money, the welfare of citizens, and healthcare concerns. Education costs may be a big concern, racism, and poverty. These will be the people deeply concerned with change and the impact they can make by resolving some of our financial disparities.  These will also be people that are considering investing in causes. There will be many jobs available to these people and some of them may take on two or more jobs, but they are not likely to stay in them for very long.

Capricorns ♑ are going to have alot on their minds this USA birthday and may feel a bit overwhelmed with family concerns. You will see alot of them in the public eye as well as in the political space. Their concerns will be more family-oriented as well as finding healing opportunities for men (and fathers) in general. Many actors will be turning to politics and campaigning for other candidates as well. Other Capricorns will be more focused on their health this birthday year.

Aquarius ♒ and Leo ♌ will be doing a great deal of traveling. They will start seeing some returns on the hard work they’ve put towards various initiatives – and the windfalls of money will free up some of their time for more adventure. Some will make some unexpected moves to other cities or states.  As long as they keep the faith there will be plenty more money for them in the future. These people will have the spotlight a great deal this USA birthday year.

Pisces ♓ will be heavily involved in financial matters this USA birthday year, and many will either be retiring or planning for their retirement. Insurance will be a great field for them to get into this year, and it would be wise that they keep their own policies up-to-date this USA birthday year.  There is also a tremendous amount of success in the Marijuana industry for them. Success in love is also a strong possibility.

Cancer ♋ will have the opportunity to increase their contacts, friends, and associates – as well as boost their social status. There will also be a surge Cancer marriages, partnerships and success stories. Any hard work they have been putting in will pay off tremendously. They will be very cooperative and helpful.



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