Last year the USA had a 9♠ in Jupiter, which lent to the deaths of many larger than life (Jupitarian) figures particularly many “father” and “father-figure” (Jupiter) type personalities. This year the 9♠ takes on a much more sinister position in my opinion, under the influence of Mars. So now we are speaking of deaths involving or as a result of Mars like institutions or people. While it’s characteristically one of the “death cards”, the 9♠ is also responsible for great healing as it can draw attention to things that throw the body or a person way off balance. In Mars, I would describe it as :

Mars represents the masculine or male-ruled institutions, like law enforcement, the military, etc – which in the USA has been a very volatile or unstable system riddled with controversy. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio the sign of death and transformation and we are approaching Scorpio – with Jupiter the magnifier there currently. At the moment we are seeing a serious sex scandal involving movie producer Harvey Weinstein (on a side note – has anyone noticed how we had two big “Harvey” stories this year? not a coincidence….). This is a great example of that 9♠ in Mars, digging up wounds and bringing what ails to the surface. This, in fact, is going to be the *beautiful* gift of this aspect – which will lead to healing (especially men) on a grand scale. Unfortunately, some events are going to have to pop off to allow this to occur.

The positive effect of this entering this phase that leads us to heal and form better relationships, relationships that will no longer be driven by our wounds. Rather we can form better relationships that honor our the highest expression of our true being.

Karma associated with the 9♠ in Mars

Light Karma 

Healing old wounds
Releasing anger
Forging intimate close bonds
Spiritual revelations
Spiritual unions & partnerships
Developing a positive mind
Building boundaries for your own peace
Reunion with your spiritual family
Repayment of debts
Discovery of your purpose or mission in life
Family bonding
Tremendous focus on your goals

Shadow Karma

Infections and illnesses
Sexual abuse
Lured into a cult
Fixation (especially on sex and the dark side)
Anger and pain
Date rape or murder
Police killings
Sexually transmitted disease
Outbreaks of violence (especially at concerts or creative venues)

Aries and Scorpios need to be especially mindful in the areas of conflict, dating, sex, or dealing with law enforcement or the police.


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