The Biggest Secret

For years the mystery of Cardology has been veiled in secrecy with nothing more than bit of information here and there, and the deeper secrets known only to the well initiated. Not many know that the 52 cards of a regular playing deck is a solar calendar that represents the repetitious energy patterns we are immersed in on a day to day basis. Indeed there are cycles of time but cycles of energy? With every daily revolution around our sun our perception is altered by light and planetary energy and it is mapped out in a deck of cards.


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Every day has a solar value, as do every card. Numerically the suits run from 1 (Ace) to 13 (King) which represents 13 New Moons in a Solar Year. 52 (the number of cards = the number of weeks) x 7 (days in a week) = 364 days + JOKER = 365 days a year. The playing card system is based on an ancient system and the playing cards themselves predate the Tarot. So how has this system managed to stay so hidden?

There are 4 suits, which relate to the 4 seasons. There are 52 cards – one for each week of the year. The 13 cards per suit relate to the 13 cycles of the moon. – House Of Playing Cards